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CT-PEN By-Laws

By-laws of the Connecticut Parenting Education Network (CT-PEN)

Article I

CT-PEN will be organized as an unincorporated nonprofit association functioning under the stewardship of an existing 501(c)(3) or Governmental entity who shall act as fiduciary and maintain financial records and accept and disperse funds within organizational guidelines.

Article II
Mission and Vision

Our Mission: CT-PEN is committed to advancing the field of parenting education through leadership, professional development, networking and information sharing.

Our Vision: All parents/families will have the information, resources and support necessary to provide nurturing relationships and optimal environments for children's healthy growth and development.

Article III

The membership of the Connecticut Parenting Education Network is open to agencies, organizations, individual parent educators, parents and individuals who support parenting education.

A. Organizations and Agencies: Organizations and agencies involved in the parenting education field may join CT-PEN by submitting an application form and required fee.
B. Individual members: Individuals may submit an application to join the organization and pay the individual membership fee.
C. Each CT-PEN member is a voting member at the annual membership meeting.

Article IV
Leadership Team

A. The organization will be managed by a Leadership Team.
B. The Leadership Team consists of officers (2 co- chairs, treasurer, and recording secretary), and the following category of team members: past chair and regional leaders, committee chairs, and up to three at-large Leadership Team members.
C. Terms of Office: Officers and other categories of Leadership Team members may serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. A person who has served for three consecutive two-year terms may come back to serve another three consecutive two-year terms after a minimum of two years off the Leadership Team.
D. The Leadership Team may hire paid staff as needed.
E. Election:

a. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of Leadership Team members at the Annual Meeting.
b. The voting members will elect the Leadership Team at the Annual Meeting. Officers may serve up to three consecutive two- year terms. Founders and past officers may elect to continue as members of the Leadership Team for their remaining term(s), not to exceed a total of six consecutive years on the team.

F. Formal meetings will follow Roberts Rules of Order.
G. If leadership vacancies occur positions will be filled by the Leadership Team.
h. Officers and members of the Leadership Team may be removed from office by a majority vote of officers for conflicts of interests, ethical violations or missing three consecutive meetings without good reason.

Article V

A. Annual Meeting: There will be an annual meeting of the entire membership during the spring at which the election of officers will be held as well as any other business recommended by the leadership team.
B. Leadership Team Meetings: The Leadership Team will meet bi- monthly or as they deem necessary to conduct the business of the organization.

C. Quorum and voting:
a. A quorum at Leadership Team meetings will be the members present and in attendance.
b. A quorum at membership meetings will be the members present and in attendance.
c. At any scheduled meeting where there is a quorum, the action of a majority vote of those present and participating shall be an official act of the organization.

D. Participation in meetings by telephone or other communication methods: A Leadership Team member may participate in a meeting of the Leadership Team by means of conference telephone or other means of communication that enables all members present to hear one another. Such participation shall be deemed equivalent to presence in person.

Article VI
Compensation of Members

Members shall not receive compensation for services on the Leadership Team or on committees although the board may authorize the payment of expenses. Nothing shall preclude a member from serving the organization in another capacity and receiving compensation for such services within the constraints of relevant State and Federal law relating to non-profit organizations.

Article VII

A. Nominating Committee: The Leadership Team shall appoint a nominating committee. In preparation for election of officers at the yearly membership meeting, this committee will garner and review nominations for positions where terms are due to expire.

B. Professional Development Committee: The committee will be appointed by the Leadership Team. The committee shall be responsible for the following:
a. Educational activities;
C. Membership Committee: The committee will be appointed by the Leadership Team. The committee shall be responsible for the following:
a. Outreach and development of Regional groups; and
b. Promotion and growth of CT-PEN.
D. Financial Committee: This committee will be appointed by the Leadership Team.
The committee shall be responsible for overseeing CT-PEN finances, raising money and preparing grants.
E. Other committees: The co-chairs may appoint other committees to facilitate the work
of the organization including task groups and/or an Advisory Board, which may
include non-Leadership Team members. The Leadership Team shall appoint all
committee chairs.

Article VIII

CT-PEN, the fiduciary organization and/or any contracting agency will be held responsible for their own actions and the actions of their employees (paid personnel or volunteers). Each agency agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all other participants from any claims or damages arising out of its conduct or the conduct of its employees.

Article IX

The by-laws may be amended upon a recommendation of the Leadership Team. Action to amend the by-laws can be taken by membership vote which will take place at the annual meeting or by internet vote.

Article X

The organization may be dissolved by a 2/3 vote of the members present at the annual meeting upon recommendation of the Leadership Team. In case of dissolution all assets will be distributed to a 501(c)(3) organization providing educational programs to parents and children.

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