"Children are likely to live up to what you believe in them."
- Lady Bird Johnson
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CT-PEN is a group of professionals dedicated to helping Connecticut's children and families by promoting excellence in parenting education.

CT-PEN brings together and supports parenting educators of diverse backgrounds, educations, and affiliations. It is working to promote a coordinated system of parenting education that recognizes the central role of parents in child development and school readiness. This system will be results-based, accountable, and accessible to all caregivers. It has two essential purposes: (1) to strengthen and educate parents (or other caregivers) so that they can rear caring, competent, and healthy children and (2) to prevent the neglect and maltreatment of children.

Our Vision: All parents/families will have the information, resources and support necessary to provide nurturing relationships and optimal environments for children's healthy growth and development.

Our Mission: CT-PEN is committed to advancing the field of parenting education through leadership, professional development, networking and information sharing.

CT-PEN goals
  • Link parenting educators and programs across the state
  • Expand knowledge of best practices in parenting education
  • Increase access to culturally appropriate parenting programs
  • Increase access to research in parenting education
  • Support professional development
  • Developing leadership in the field of parenting education
  • improve the visibility of parenting education in Connecticut

Immediate tasks Long-term tasks
  • To provide professional training in evidence based curricula to parent educators
  • To identify current training opporunities
  • To encourage rigorous evaluation
  • As an integral part of parenting education programs
  • To identify effective tools and resources to assess parent needs
  • To identify methods of matching parent needs with curricula and approaches
  • To have the parenting educator credential recognized by the state legislature and endorsed by key funders.

Our current Leadership Team effective May 2015
Membership, Kathy Service
Webmaster, Ginny Molleur

For information about membership contact:
Kathy Service

Click here to see the membership application and bylaws.

The Connecticut Parenting Education Network (CT-PEN) has adopted the goals of the National Extension Parenting Education Framework (NEPEF) to advance the field of parenting education and to increase access to high quality programs in Connecticut.

In 1992, family life and human development specialists initiated a nationwide effort to develop a framework of what to teach parents in parent education programs. In 1994, the resulting model called the National Extension Parent Education Model (NEPEM) set forth six categories of priority parenting practices to be learned by parents and taught by parenting educators.

In 2000, this work expanded to address the need for outlining the critical skills and practices of parenting educators. Professionals proposed that the NEPEM's "priority practices for parenting educators" be melded with a set of "priority processes for parenting educators" to form a new structure, the National Extension Parenting Education Framework (NEPEF).

Since 2002, NEPEF has two dimensions, each containing six domains of competency. One dimension outlines the content of knowledge needed by parenting educators while the other dimension outlines the processes that parenting educators need to work effectively with parents and children.

To learn more, visit the NEPEF website at: http://www.joe.org/joe/2006june/a8.shtml

This site includes documents that describe the content that is the basis for parenting education and the process by parenting educators.


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